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charles i. letbetter

The Boss
charles i. letbetter has been a professional photographer now for more years than he cares to admit (we stopped counting at 30). He also holds a degree in piano and conducting. He's also a well-published writer and content provider. His skill set includes, but is definitely not limited to, art direction, copywriting, digital editing, and mobile website development. charles really likes wearing black, with the exceptions being an experiment with checks and a couple of flannel shirts he wears when the cold really causes his bones to ache. He writes so much he created a separate website just for those ramblings. You can find that here.  In person, he's much more quiet, contemplative, and occasionally even smiles. Chocolate, coffee, and scotch help keep him calm. charles has three boys of whom he is immensely proud and has all-but-legally adopted Kat's little ones on top of a number of totally unrelated children who call him Pop-pop or Grandpa charles. His taste in music runs even older than he is, but you'll still find him moving (slowly) to the latest rock. His humor is dry and sarcastic. Come mealtime, he does the cooking. He occasionally lets Kat do strange things to his hair. He yells at cars that run stop signs. He doesn't capitalize his name. Yes, he's a bit crazy, but then what creative isn't?

Kat Franson

Hair & Makeup
Katherine Franson, aka Kat, is not likely to look the same any two times one meets her. Our resident hair and makeup artist, she loves photography, but she also likes to paint, to draw, to write, and to sing (when she doesn't think anyone is listening). Give her a creative challenge and she's ready to meet it head-on. Kat gives the team a younger perspective, a female perspective, that charles would never be able to have on his own. She handles makeup, hair styling, and cat wrangling all at the same time and is smiling and personable through circumstances that have charles pulling at his hair. When she's not with charles, she's available at Aveda Biz on Fletcher salon. Kat is a mom, with a little boy and a little girl who loves her one minute and is totally frustrated with her the next because she won't let them eat the entire pantry bare in one setting. They are her greatest source of joy and the most frequent source of anxiety. Kat is also a United States Marine. She graduated from boot camp at Parris Island. She is, like every Marine, a rifleman. She also knows seven different ways to kill a person with her bare hands. Upsetting her is probably not the smartest idea in the world. With charles, Kat makes this one of the most formidable creative teams to be found anywhere.

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